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Useful Links/Trading Resources


To those that use resources but are looking for other resources, here is a list of resources I use. Feel free to place a comment on your useful resources. For those that are new to the markets some websites might be too complex to follow, but all I suggest is to follow and read them routinely. The information will soon make sense.

What I read and use to follow the markets:


FTAlphaville is an part of the FT, and it gives very useful insights to the market. They also have the 6am cut that is a newsletter that is sent out free and summarizes all the useful information you need for the day.

bloombergWell I guess you all know Bloomberg. Bloomberg TV used on all trading floors around the globe, very useful to give you a deep insight of the markets. Bloomberg is more for general analysis. When you are new to trading, sometimes it is a bit too complex, but just keep reading.

imageZero Hedge– is very analytical and gives a lot of useful insights to behind the scenes


Reuters: Here is another useful website. what is useful about Reuters is that is is more for traders. In the morning Reuters offers a great daily market information.

For those of your that follow commodities: Search for PRECIOUS
For those of your that follow ForexSearch for Forex
For those of your that follow Fixed Income Search for Treasuries
For those of your that follow the stockmarket Search for Factors



I personally use Ransquawk, they also have very insightful market wrap videos and market summaries



Technical analysis Newsletter:


Action Forex

Trader 24 Newsletter deals with the South African market but also analysis the FTSE, DJI, and Gold