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This website is meant for those traders that are looking for trading ideas within the  financial spread betting world. We have listed various strategies  and examples that traders can use on other financial products.

Spread Betting Examples:  This section is dedicated to a variety of different examples that you will come across while spread betting different products.

Basic strategies:  Here is a list of Technical indicators and how they are use in various systems. Their advantages and disadvantages

Simple strategies: This section is made up of simple trading systems using 1 to three indicators. Easy to follow, with little experience needed.

Advanced strategies: Instead, in this section there are systems for the more experienced traders that have a feel of the markets, and that know how to distinguish various market sentiments and scenarios.

Money Management: Money management is fundamental to trading, here you will be able to take advantage of various money management systems and tips.


If you are new to spread betting don’t worry, we will also link or give full explanations of how to spread bet and of  what various technical analysis  terms mean.

We put together our trading knowledge  and other people’s knowledge into this site.

You will find here also the abc of trading, with many different trading styles like, Scalping,   Day trading,   Swing Trading,   Long term trading.  The website is also rich of examples in Financial spread betting  Indices,    Shares Commodities, Oil, Gold, FTSE, Dow, Dax, forex, EUR/USD, Gbp/usd and much more.

We will also compare the various spread betting companies, Like IG Index, City Index, CMC Markets, ETX Capital, and many more.

I hope you enjoy the tips and ideas, feel free to share your strategies too.